Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct ("Code of Conduct") is effective as of the date You accept this Code of Conduct, by and between ZeniMax Media Inc., on its own behalf and on behalf of its affiliate, ZeniMax Online Studios LLC (collectively "ZeniMax" or "We") and You, an individual, serving as an account holder ("You"). Your participation in The Elder Scrolls Online is conditioned on this Code of Conduct, as well as the Privacy Policy, and the Terms of Service, collectively referred to as the "Agreement" unless identified individually. You agree that You will be solely responsible for the activity of Your account. All communication and activity on any ZeniMax service, including any User Generated Content You contribute, is the responsibility of the account owner.

You will violate the Code of Conduct if You or Your Account participates in any of the following behaviors below. ZeniMax, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to take such action as appropriate in the event of any violation, including immediate termination of Your Account, and/or banning You from playing the Game, and/or using any ZeniMax Services.

1. Lawful Compliance

1.1 You may not post, publish, transmit, promote, or distribute content that is illegal.

1.2 The laws that apply in the offline world must be obeyed online as well. We have zero tolerance for illegal behavior on ZeniMax and its affiliates' websites, forums or game environments. We terminate use of the Service and cooperate with law enforcement on such matters.

2. Behavior

2.1 You may not create an account name, persona or avatar that is in any way racially or ethnically defamatory, sexually graphic, hateful, and excretory in nature. You will not reference or claim affiliation to any hate groups. Any other names, text or chat that ZeniMax considers offensive is also in violation of the Agreement including the Code of Conduct.

2.2 You may not create any name, text or chat that negatively references a 'Protected Category' under Federal or Maryland State law. These include any name, text or chat which references or includes Age, Race, Disability, Sexual Orientation, National Origin, Pregnancy or Gender. You may not create an account name that is defamatory, impersonates or attempts to defame the reputation of another account holder, an employee of ZeniMax, property of ZeniMax, or ZeniMax and/or its affiliates.

2.3 Derogatory, defamatory or offensive content used in conjunction with names of famous or important historical, political, religious figures or website URL's are not allowed. You may at no time share or refer to personal information of Yourself or another person, account name, persona or avatar using ZeniMax or its affiliates. You will not create an account name that is in reference to or contains copyright names, popular characters, or the names of modern era serial killers, individuals or groups who have committed crimes against humanity in the past. You will also refrain from participating in conspiracy theories, misinformation or fallacious comments.

2.4 You will not attempt to mask, use misspellings, phonetic spellings, homonyms, word combinations, or alternative spellings of inappropriate material in any communication on ZeniMax Services. This includes but is not limited to text, chat, voice, in-game messaging or any other medium of communication or interaction between players.

2.5 You may not harass, threaten, embarrass, or cause distress to another customer or guest using ZeniMax sites and Services. This includes but is not limited to verbal attacks, unwanted messaging, personal attacks, stalking or any other undesired behavior used to cause discomfort or disrupt another customer's experience. At all times users will refrain from attacking Age, Race, Disability, Sexual Orientation, National Origin, Pregnancy, Gender or any other protected category under Federal or Maryland State law.

2.6 Users will not transmit or facilitate distribution of content that is harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, sexually explicit, defamatory, infringing, invasive of personal privacy or publicity rights, or in a reasonable person's view, objectionable. Hate speech is not tolerated at any time.

2.7 You may not disrupt the flow of chat in chat rooms, message forums or games with vulgar language, abusive behavior, multiple key returns or posting large images in an attempt to disturb other users. Spamming, flooding [posting repetitive text], bumping and any other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

2.8 Improper use the in game support or complaint buttons or making false reports to ZeniMax staff members is forbidden. You may not intentionally submit misinformation or abuse the help system in any ZeniMax Service.

3. False Disclosure

3.1 You may not impersonate any other person (including celebrities) or indicate that You are a ZeniMax or ZeniMax affiliate employee or representative. You may not attempt to mislead other members or guests by indicating that You represent ZeniMax in any capacity or indicating that You represent any of ZeniMax affiliates or partners.

4. Privacy

4.1 You may not attempt to obtain account information, password(s), personal or private information from any member or guest using ZeniMax Services or those of ZeniMax affiliates or partners. Employees of ZeniMax will NEVER ask for Your password.

4.2 You may not post or communicate any user's personal information, including Your own. Never share Your password, secret questions, reminder words or billing information. Sharing of account information is a violation of the Agreement and could also lead to Your account being compromised, hacked or stolen.

4.3 You shall not share Your account with anyone. Joint or shared ownership or use of an account by more than one individual natural person is prohibited. Access to the ZeniMax sites and Services are intended for the entertainment, enjoyment and recreation of individual natural persons. These sites and services are not for use as corporate, business, commercial, or income seeking activities. Corporations, associations, partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies, artificial persona, and other businesses or entities that are not a single, individual natural person are not eligible to establish accounts to access the ZeniMax sites, play games or participate in offered services, nor is anyone who is acting for or on behalf of or in the course of the business of, any such artificial person or entities.

5. Security

5.1 Users are forbidden from using any unapproved third party applications, programs, scripts or any other game modifying mechanic used to change the game play experience on a ZeniMax Game, Service, forum, or other games or services provided by ZeniMax, including the distribution of said programs via ZeniMax services, sites, forums, communities, etc. This would include but is not limited to using or distributing speed hacks, aim bots, mouse controllers, spam bots, automated game play devices, etc. Third party applications are defined as any program, application or script written by an individual, company, corporation, or private party not employed by or contracted to perform services by ZeniMax.

5.2 Users will not exploit any bug, or abuse any game system (such as the scoring or award systems) in a ZeniMax Game, Service, forum, or other games or services provided by ZeniMax. Users will not intentionally use or share any bug found within any ZeniMax Game, real or fictitious, regardless of whether or not it grants an unfair advantage. You will not directly or indirectly communicate the existence of any such bug to any other user of the ZeniMax Service (in game or on a ZeniMax service). Report bugs and exploits using the in-game portal or via

5.3 Users will not upload files or content that contains viruses, malicious code or corrupted data.

5.4 Users will not promote, engage in or encourage any illegal activity including hacking, cracking or distribution of counterfeit software.

6. Ownership

6.1 Users will not post, transmit, promote or distribute any dynamic or static customer created or custom content which is not wholly owned by the account owner. Copyright material cannot be used at any time except by the copyright owner. Copyright ownership must be established prior to use on any ZeniMax Media, Inc. site or service. Any use of copyright material not wholly owned by the account owner is a violation of the Agreement, including the Code of Conduct.

7. Spam

7.1 You may not post messages or distribute via any in-game mechanic, spam, chat flooding or any other disruptive messaging. This includes posting messages more than once, posting messages to multiple locations, posting nonsensical content, disrupting the normal flow of conversation, or reposting content that had been previously removed by the Elder Scrolls team. Furthermore, You may not participate in solicitation or advertising, distributing marketing materials, promotional materials or any other materials for outside business services, competitor products, or any commercial venture (including pyramid schemes and chain letters) through any ZeniMax Service.