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A deal made with the Prince of Destruction comes due in The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood, part of the Gates of Oblivion adventure.

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Enhance your adventures with these exclusive bonuses.

Jewel-Feathered Sep Adder pet"As we people of the root know, the Hist provides. With this feathered sep adder, it gives us a creature who provides both loyal companionship, as well as keen eyesight and smell. It senses danger before its companion quite often."—Daixth
Temperamental Grimoire mementoMost books share all sorts of knowledge with their readers. Some, however, don’t have "sharing" in their index. They do have fire though. Lots of fire.
Battlefield Nightmare Senche mountThis intimidating horned senche steed wears coal-black barding, making its orange flames stand out in stark contrast. Though none know its origins, the touch of the Deadlands looks to be upon this mount, making it favored by Mehrunes Dagon's adherents.
Deadlands Gladiator Outfit StyleBecome a fearsome Gladiator of the Deadlands. Unlocks all 32 Deadlands Gladiator outfit style collectibles and allows them to be applied via the outfit system without an application fee.
Offer Weapon emoteKneel and offer up your arms to one worthy of your trust. This gesture varies depending upon what kind of weapon the user has equipped.


  • YEAR-LONG ADVENTURE - Blackwood is part of the Gates of Oblivion, a saga of deceit and revelations that leads you to the nightmare realm of the Deadlands.

  • EXPLORE NEW LANDS - Travel across Blackwood from the marshes of Shadowfen, the Argonian homeland, to Leyawiin, an Imperial city first featured in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

  • PRINCE OF DESTRUCTION - Witness the fury of Mehrunes Dagon, a god of destruction, change, revolution, energy, and ambition. Discover his diabolical schemes involving the Longhouse Emperors and prevent Tamriel from falling into the grasp of a Daedric Prince.

  • NEW COMPANIONS SYSTEM - Never adventure alone again. Choose a Companion and forge an ever-deepening bond as you explore and battle your way through Tamriel.

Requires The Elder Scrolls Online, sold separately.


Title:The Elder Scrolls® Online: Blackwood™

Genre:Massively Multiplayer, RPG

Developer:ZeniMax Online Studios

Publisher:Bethesda Softworks

Release Date:June 2021

Languages:English, German, French, Russian

Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB